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Fastnet: Plein-Air Drawing Exhibition Brings Freshkills Park to Central Park Gallery

Fastnet: Plein-Air Drawing at Freshkills Park is an exhibition of plein-air drawings and ink studies of Freshkills Park that were produced through a series of workshops held within a 20-foot shipping container called Fastnet. The exhibition will be on display at the Arsenal Galley in Central Park from September 13th – November 14th. 


Discovery Day: September 15, 2019

Discovery Day

Discover Freshkills Park and experience the unique landscape and spectacular views the landfill-to-park project has to offer. This free event is a special opportunity to explore the future park while the site is closed to the public. Hundreds of acres and miles of trails will be open for tours, bicycling, and activities for all ages.


Art Program Intern: Christian Prince

Christian Prince is the Freshkills Park Art Program Intern for the summer of 2019. He is from Washington, DC and graduated from Vassar College.

What are you working on, and why do you think it’s interesting/important?

I’m assisting in the development of arts programs including installations in the park and working on materials for exhibitions at the Studio + Gallery.


Highlights from the June 30th Open Hours Event

Beautiful sunny weather and clear blue skies provided the perfect conditions to welcome visitors to Freshkills Park on June 30 for the first ever Open Hours. As construction continues in North Park Phase One, this event allowed hundreds of visitors the chance to see the rolling hills and diverse wildlife of Freshkills for themselves before the park can officially open.


Fastnet Offers Drawing Workshops Inside a Shipping Container


This year, artists are leading drawing workshops inside a shipping container at Freshkills Park. Fastnet was purchased by artist James Powers in 2015. Since then, it has been used as a gallery, sauna, and gathering space. At Freshkills Park, Fastnet is fitted with drawing horses for free observational drawing workshops, available for the general public!


Counter-Cartography at Freshkills Park with Lize Mogel

Lize Mogel

On November 18, Field R/D artist Lize Mogel led two bus tours of the park project. The tours expanded and resituated the typical park tour by offering an artist/ “counter-cartographer’s” perspective. Joined by guides Dr. Cait Field, the Freshkills Park Manager for Science and Research Development, and Mariel Villere, Manager for Programs, Arts and Grants and co-organizer of Field R/D, Lize’s tour explored the landfill-to-park project within a longer trajectory of a changing urban environment.


Interview with Field R/D Co-Curator Dylan Gauthier

Field RD

Dylan Gauthier co-curates Freshkills Park’s Field R/D residency program with Manager for Programs, Arts, and Grants Mariel Villeré. For the past decade or so, Gauthier has been making environmental work around water, including his collective Mare Liberum and What Wilderness, focused on the EPA Superfund designated Newtown Creek.


Bill Jenkins’ Image/Conduit Now on View at Studio + Gallery

Artist Bill Jenkins

Compelled by alternative functions, artist Bill Jenkins’ practice reconstitutes utilitarian objects and places. In the exhibition Image/Conduit, currently on view at the Freshkills Park Studio + Gallery, he investigates this curiosity through the topography of Freshkills Park.

The exhibition features video work titled Scans, investigating the relationship between decades of compressed garbage placed at Fresh Kills with the picturesque grassy hills that compose the landscape of Freshkills Park.


Field R/D Art Projects are Underway

Field R/D

Work by several artists will be installed and realized at Freshkills Park this summer as part of the art-research project Field R/D. This phase of the expansive and collaborative project is made possible thanks to a Shelley and Donald Rubin Foundation Art and Social Justice Initiative grant award.


Summer Observational Drawing Workshops with Fastnet

Fastnet Observational Drawing

What better way to explore Freshkills Park than with an artist-led drawing workshop in a shipping container?

Freshkills Park is currently home to Fastnet, a shipping container converted into a studio and project space. The container was purchased by artist James Powers in 2015.


Summer Plant Art Workshop Series


This summer, Freshkills Park is offering creative workshops about plants at the Greenbelt Nature Center. Using art as a platform, these workshops will engage participants in exploring the importance of native plants, as well as the relationships between native and invasive plants, in relation to the Freshkills Park project.


Drawing Outside at Freshkills Park with Fastnet


This spring, students from Gaynor McCown Expeditionary Learning School are visiting Freshkills Park for outdoor observational drawing workshops in Fastnet, a shipping container converted into a studio and project space. Artist James Powers purchased Fastnet in the fall of 2015. Here he reflects on “the thrill of drawing outside” and how he learned to think of the landscape “as an extension of the studio.” The inaugural program was designed and executed in collaboration with artist Rita Leduc.


Fastnet Provides New Space for Drawing Workshops


This spring, Freshkills Park will be home to a shipping container converted into a studio and project space. The container, known as Fastnet, will be fitted with desks and chairs to accommodate outdoor observational drawing workshops, primarily for high school students.


“Fantastic Voyage” Exhibition Workshop Series

Fantastic Voyage

This month, artists Stefani Bardin and Assaf Tamir are offering workshops as part of their exhibition, the Fantastic Voyage. The immersive installation at the Freshkills Park Studio + Gallery explores the role of food production in our personal health and the health of the environment.


Freshkills Park Showcases Field R/D at NADA New York


Earlier this month, Freshkills Park returned to the annual NADA (New Art Dealers Alliance) New York Art Fair as a cultural partner alongside over 100 other exhibitors hailing from 19 countries. The fair, held March 8-11, brought together emerging galleries, artists, and projects at Skylight Clarkson Square in West SoHo.


New Studio + Gallery Opens with “The Fantastic Voyage” Exhibition

Fantastic Voyage

“The Fantastic Voyage”
On view January 21 – June 8, 2018
2240 Richmond Avenue, Staten Island, NY

Stefani Bardin and Assaf Tamir’s “The Fantastic Voyage” is an immersive installation exploring the role of food production in our personal health and the health of the environment.


2017 in Review

Freshkills 2017

In November of 2017, Freshkills Park celebrated the groundbreaking at North Park. The event signaled the start of construction on the 21-acre project, which will be the first section inside the Fresh Kills Landfill boundaries to become public parkland. This milestone was possible thanks in part to the growing community that is engaging with the project and participating in scheduled programs. 


Reflections on FieldWork by Nancy Nowacek


It’s Happening! Celebrating 50 Years of Public Art in NYC Parks, took place in Central Park on October 21st. Included among the more than 100 artworks, performances, and workshops was FieldWork. FieldWork is a choreographed performance by artist Nancy Nowacek, a Freshkills Park Field R/D artist, in collaboration with Morgan Hille-Refakis.


Volker Goetze Selected for SI Arts and Design Trust Public Art Pilot

Inside Bird Chorus

Back in June, artist Volker Goetze performed at Freshkills Park as part of Make Music New York for “Inside the Bird Chorus,” a live, free musical celebration with over 1,200 concerts on streets, sidewalks, and parks across the five boroughs.


Mandi Gavois Shares Photographs of Freshkills Park in Sweden

With the ship comes the wreck - Mandi Gavois

Artist Mandi Gavois’ solo show of photographs and sculpture at Galleri Thomas Wallner in Simris, Sweden, includes photographs of Freshkills Park. The show’s central panorama photograph of Freshkills is titled “With the ship comes the wreck,” which is also the title of the show.


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