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    Proposals MUST be preceded by a site visit. Please arrange one with your DPR contact.


    1. Summarize the artwork. What questions or issues does it explore?(maximum 250 words)

    2. Describe the proposed project in detail, including materials, dimensions and analytical or performance-based procedures.(maximum 500 words)

    3. Location: Describe where your project will occur and identify the precise location on an attached site map (upload below). Why have you selected this location, and how flexible is it? Please explain. Is there any possibility that your project will be located within freshwater or tidal wetlands or adjacent areas?(maximum 250 words)

    4. Indicate whether the project requires any digging, probing or puncturing of the ground surface, and define parameters of disturbance such as depth, soil volume, area of site in square feet or acres.

    5. Identify anything that would be removed from the site, such as soil, or anything added to the site, such as soil amendments, herbicide, etc., and the locations and volumes of removal or addition. What equipment, if any, will be used to remove or import material? Will the site be returned to its existing state? How? If not, please provide justification / explanation.(maximum 500 words)

    6. Timeline: How long will the project last? When do you wish to begin? Please describe the extent of your site visits – frequency, duration, time of year, time of day, number of people/vehicles.(maximum 250 words)

    7. Project Team: List the name, role, title and affiliation for each member of the project team.(maximum 250 words)

    8. What resources (financial, data, etc) do you need to complete your project? Include both those that are already obtained as well as those that are still being sought.(maximum 250 words)

    9. Is there any public outreach, programming or educational component to this project? (maximum 250 words)

    10. Please list two professional references with email contact information.

    11. Any additional comments/notes/information?


    Please combine the following application materials into a single PDF to upload here:
    • CV or Resume
    • Work samples
    • Freshkills Park Map (downloadable below) marked with proposed location for your project
    • Any applicable sketches, diagrams, photographs, renderings, etc. that illustrate your project proposal

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