Freshkills Park Zoom Backgrounds – FREE

Your next online meeting can happen at Freshkills Park! Download the images below to virtually visit the waterways, grasslands, and sweeping vistas of Freshkills Park.

How to add a virtual background to Zoom:

  1. Click on the images below to open the full-size image in a new tab.

Freshkills Park T-Shirt – $18

Freshkills Park t-shirt
This t-shirt features the contest-winning design by Brian Becker, with Freshkills Park’s hills and creeks populated by wildlife and recreational activities....MORE

reuse: Freshkills Park Tote Bag – $14

Freshkills Park Bag
This special edition Freshkills Park tote holds three times the capacity of a plastic shopping bag! Tucks into its own storage pouch for convenience....MORE

Capturing Change: Freshkills Park postcards (set of 10) – $14

Freshkills Park Postcard
Freshkills Park Postcard, first edition photography postcard featuring work by Mitch Waxman. View of East Park from South Park with a view of Richmond Creek, August 2014. ...MORE

refresh: Freshkills Park Water Bottle – $14

Freshkills Park water bottle
Freshkills Park "refresh" Water Bottle, 24 oz. stainless steel with detachable cap...MORE

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