Landfill Engineering

Covering, Stabilizing, Maintaining

The Fresh Kills Landfill is covered with a landfill cap, which is made of different layers of soil, geotextiles, and a geomembrane. These layers cover, separate and stabilize landfilled household waste. Along with the landfill cap, a collection of swales, down chutes, and retention ponds are installed to manage stormwater and prevent erosion caused by rain water....MORE

Collection and Processing

Landfill Gas Wells
The collection and treatment processes at Freshkills Park ensure that the landfill byproducts known as leachate and landfill gas are managed and prevented from posing a risk to public health or the environment. ...MORE


Groundwater Monitoring Well
Air, surface water and groundwater monitoring are conducted on a regular basis to ensure that the landfill infrastructure functions properly....MORE

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