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Learn about ecology, sustainability, and history at Freshkills Park, the world’s largest landfill-to-park transformation. We provide field trips and resources to bring Freshkills Park to your school, university, or community group.

Virtual Field Trips + Presentations

The Freshkills Park Education team is pleased to offer virtual field trips and presentations for classes and groups who are not able to visit the landfill-to-park transformation in person. Our virtual education programming focuses on sustainability, waste management, grassland and wetland ecology, park development, and environmental restoration. 


Grassland Education Project

Grassland Research

Ecosystems and habitats, including grasslands, are a standard part of science curricula. However, most curricula teach about grasslands in the Great Plains or the African Savannah. Many of us don’t realize that there are grasslands right here in New York City. 


Classroom Resources

Classroom Resources
Freshkills Park is a useful example of how topics students learn in school translate into real-life. Educators are welcome to use these resources when teaching students about the park in the classroom....MORE

Field Trips

Waste Education
Field trips offer students the unique opportunity to visit sections of Freshkills Park that are currently closed to the public. Because it’s no longer a landfill but not yet a park, the land in these closed sections of Freshkills is at a turning point ripe for education. ...MORE

Mobile Education Lab

Mobile Lab
The Mobile Education Lab is a nature center on wheels. Inside are materials necessary for people of all ages to investigate the history, ecology and engineering of Freshkills Park....MORE

To inquire about scheduling a field trip, visit our Field Trips page. Remember, Freshkills Park remains closed to the public during this exciting transformation. Visit the calendar to learn about scheduled opportunities to explore the park.

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