Scientific Research

The Alliance, NYC Parks and DSNY seek to promote responsible and innovative strategies for environmental sustainability and ecological restoration through collaborative investigation, demonstration and instruction.

Freshkills Park is a platform for generating knowledge applicable to a broad range of urban environmental issues, at this site and others: reforestation, habitat restoration, wildlife biology, soil productivity, water quality, alternative energy generation, and even attitudes toward park usage. While parts of the park are under construction other areas will remain undeveloped; with 2,200 acres of land there is opportunity for research projects in a variety of disciplines. The City hopes to capitalize on this available undeveloped land by collaborating on research studies and permitting access that is restricted to scientists, technicians and students. Projects are already underway with the USDA Forest Service, CUNY’s College of Staten Island (CSI), and Saint John’s University, among others. The Department of Parks & Recreation continues to seek partners in academia, museums, government and the private sector in the interest of refining and targeting research questions toward the advancement of study and the pursuit of funding opportunities.

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Bird Populations

Vascular Flora

Grassland Research

Osprey Monitoring

Grassland Comparison Studies

Bird Banding

Bird Banding

Fish Monitoring

Baby striped bass

Water Monitoring

water monitoring

Social Science

Freshkills Park

Living Shoreline

Living Shoreline

Grassland Birds

Grassland Birds

Afforestation Strategies

Afforestation Strategies

Migratory Bats

Red bat - José R. Ramírez

Pond Turtles

Pond Turtles - Seth Wollney

Cavity Nesting Birds

Cavity Nesting Birds Swallow

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