Cavity Nesting Birds

Cavity Nesting Birds Swallow

Dr. Hauber with a tree swallow.

Reproductive Biology of Cavity Nesting Birds Along an Urban-Rural Gradient

Dr. Mark Hauber and Javier Alvarez (MA Candidate) of the Program in Animal Behavior and Conservation, Department of Psychology, Hunter College and the Graduate Center, The City University of New York are conducting research on man made nest-box usage by cavity-breeding bird species (birds that make a home to breed inside a hole such as a hollow tree) throughout the City of New York and nearby rural areas.

At Freshkills Park, they have established and monitored a trail of 80+ nest boxes suitable for breeding by bluebirds, tree swallows, and house wrens (but not starlings). They are comparing breeding success on an annual basis with plans to formulate future conservation plans for generating breeding habitats for protected migratory birds. See more on Dr. Hauber’s website.

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