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Introducing “Windows into Freshkills Park”!

Windows into Freshkills Park

Windows into Freshkills from Slanted Studios on Vimeo.

Windows into Freshkills Park is complete and ready for exhibition! The project is a miniature museum with four interactive dioramas that tell stories of environmental history, technologies, and wildlife at Freshkills Park and its evolution as a new public space.


Slanted Studios & MTN GODS Selected To Design Public Installation about Freshkills Park

Slanted Studios & MTN GODS team members with Freshkills Park’s fleet of small electric vehicles.

Through a juried process, Slanted Studios & MTN GODS have been selected to develop a public installation that will engage New Yorkers with the evolving Freshkills Park project.


NEST in the Winter: Time Lapse Video

Shortly after Winter Storm Jonas, artist Kirk Finkel recorded this time lapse video of his installation at the Staten Island Ferry Terminal in St. George. This interactive sculpture, called NEST, is designed to bring Freshkills Park wildlife to people in New York City and encourage visitors to see the park firsthand.


Farther Afield: Gazing Globes at Madison Square Park

If you haven’t yet visited Paula Hayes’ Gazing Globes at Madison Square Park, I highly recommend a trip to 25th street around dusk before the exhibition closes on April 19th. Hayes’ first public art exhibition in NYC comes alive as the sun starts to set over the city.


The Art of Recycling

The Freshkills team is always on the lookout for engaging initiatives that combine education, sustainability, and art – not to mention recycling. Recology, a waste management company based in San Francisco, supports a young artists program that combines all these topics in one exemplary project.


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