Introducing “Windows into Freshkills Park”!

Windows into Freshkills from Slanted Studios on Vimeo.

Windows into Freshkills Park is complete and ready for exhibition! The project is a miniature museum with four interactive dioramas that tell stories of environmental history, technologies, and wildlife at Freshkills Park and its evolution as a new public space.

After being selected through a juried process, Brooklyn-based Slanted Studios x MTN GODS got to work combining art, design and technology into a memorable interactive public installation. Slanted Studios & MTN GODS are a multidisciplinary team of designers, coders, illustrators, and animators with expertise in creating a wide range of commercial projects and public art installations. The team consists of Executive Creative Director Michelle Higa Fox, Creative Director Philip Sierzega, Technical Director Charlie Whitney, Content Developer Stuart Higa Fox, and Producer Jennifer Vance.

About “Windows into Freshkills Park”

  • Each of the four boxes measures 32 ¼” in height, 4’ ¼” in length, and 30 ¾” in width and include bold colors and shapes.
  • To engage the public, Slanted Studios x MTN GODS incorporated different representational forms and depths, including compartments, models, and digital screens.
  • Using their mobile phones, viewers can activate dynamic paper cuts with motors and lights.
  • Viewers can also gain a deeper level of information on a given topic with an interactive voice response system.

By providing a window into the landscape design of Freshkills Park, the modular exhibit is meant to inspire viewers to learn more about urban ecology in New York City’s built environment.  These dioramas are ready to tour locations in New York City, and they can be displayed together or individually. Know of a good community space to show them? Contact

This project is supported by funding from the Staten Island Foundation and an award from the National Endowment for the Arts.

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