Slanted Studios & MTN GODS Selected To Design Public Installation about Freshkills Park

Slanted Studios & MTN GODS team members with Freshkills Park's fleet of small electric vehicles.

Slanted Studios & MTN GODS team members with Freshkills Park’s fleet of small electric vehicles.

Through a juried process, Slanted Studios & MTN GODS have been selected to develop a public installation that will engage New Yorkers with the evolving Freshkills Park project. Their modular exhibit will tell the story of the park through its history, ecology, design, technology and possibility.

Slanted Studios & MTN GODS are a multidisciplinary team of designers, coders, illustrators and animators with expertise in creating a wide range of commercial projects and public art installations. They will combine art, design and technology into a memorable interactive public installation about Freshkills Park. The team consists of Executive Creative Director Michelle Higa Fox, Creative Director Philip Sierzega, Technical Director Charlie Whitney, Content Developer Stuart Higa Fox, and Producer Jennifer Vance.

“We’re excited to take a deep dive into the history of Freshkills Park, break it apart and tell a story with the texture and nuance that this incredible achievement deserves,” the team wrote in their Request for Qualifications submission. “The park provides a jumping off point to examine what happens when large organizational structures intersect with the community. We hope to explore that dynamic through cross-disciplinary storytelling that reflects the complexity of the park’s history, the diversity of the city, and the possibilities only available through digital technology.”

Updates on the project will follow as the group continues working with Freshkills Park on concept exploration. For more information, visit the Slanted Studios website.

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