The Art of Recycling

The Freshkills team is always on the lookout for engaging initiatives that combine education, sustainability, and art – not to mention recycling. Recology, a waste management company based in San Francisco, supports a young artists program that combines all these topics in one exemplary project. The artist-in-residency program diverts found objects from the city’s landfills into donated studio spaces for the artists – and eventually galleries. The chosen artists are allowed to “scavenger” at Recology’s San Francisco transfer station for supplies and tasked with making art out of 100% recycled materials. Here is a short video about the program featuring one of the recent artists, Ethan Estess:


Freshkills has been the subject of numerous artistic endeavors, including most recently the Land Art Generator Institute (LAGI) competition and publication. The LAGI exhibit is currently on display at the Parks Dept. HQ in Central Park.

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