We Have So Much to Build On At This Moment


“It was a unique and fun experience exploring a side of Freshkills that not many have yet. I cannot wait to continue watching this amazing transition!”- 2017 Tour Participant

Dear Friends:

As we broke ground on the North Park project on a beautiful sunny day this fall, it was wonderful to see the excitement and support for the project. In thinking about how far we have come, I was grateful for all who have kayaked the creeks, hiked the trails and studied the site’s environmental transformation over the years because your care and commitment have helped us reach this milestone. You are part of a growing community that is making this park a reality, and we could not do it without your support.

As a member of that community, you can make a real difference with a contribution as we head into 2018. We have so much to build on at this moment. North Park is now under construction, and the groundbreaking signaled a new stage in Freshkills Park’s development. As this former landfill steadily becomes public parkland, it is a real opportunity to build on the momentum we have established with our previous projects and the programming that you’ve seen and been part of.

Here are some examples of what your contribution will help fund:

$50 pays for art supplies for a community workshop
$100 plants salt marsh grasses in the living dock
$500 adds display equipment to the new gallery and event space
$1,000 provides ferry shuttle service at a Discovery Day event

Your donation to the Freshkills Park Alliance will help us share this story of extraordinary transformation with the public. Donations can be submitted through our website or by check to the Freshkills Park Alliance, PO Box 719, New York, NY 10272.

Happy Holidays, and peace in the New Year.

Eloise Hirsh
Freshkills Park Administrator & Freshkills Park Alliance President

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