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Virtual Tour: Leachate Treatment Plant

Leachate Treatment Plant

Join Mr. Ted Nabavi, Director of Waste Management Engineering at DSNY, for a behind-the-scenes tour of the Fresh Kills Landfill Leachate Treatment Plant. Leachate, a landfill by-product, is created when water seeps through solid waste. Leachate treatment includes biological and chemical treatment to remove harmful constituents so the treated water can be safely discharged.


Zoom backgrounds from Freshkills Park

Your next online meeting can happen at Freshkills Park! Download the images below to virtually visit the waterways, grasslands, and sweeping vistas of Freshkills Park.

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Welcome to Virtual Discovery Week!

Welcome to Discovery Week!

There are so many different ways to Discover Freshkills Park and this week we hope you will find out about some that are new for you.  By way of a quick introduction, we have posted a series of three videos that provide a snapshot of what Freshkills Park is and what it is becoming as it continues to develop. 


North Park Construction Virtual Tour

Join us for a special tour of the construction at North Park Phase 1, the first Freshkills Park project to be built within the former Fresh Kills Landfill boundary. See the progress on building the bird tower and the wetland observation deck as well as the spectacular views of Main Creek.


Walk up North Mound

At 2,200 acres, Freshkills Park is almost three times the size of Central Park and the largest park to be developed in New York City in over 100 years. It also has a significant history as the site of the Fresh Kills Landfill, which was the largest landfill in the world before closing in 2001.


From Brookfield Landfill to Brookfield Park

Brookfield Park

Freshkills Park is the world’s largest landfill-to-park project, but landfills all over the world have transformed into parkland. In fact, several examples can be found in New York City. Battery Park in Manhattan was built on landfill material, and the site of Flushing Meadows Corona Park in Queens was once a landfill described as a “valley of ashes” in The Great Gatsby by F.


Parks Built on Landfills are More Popular Than You Think

Mt. Trashmore

Freshkills Park is the largest landfill-to-park project in the world, but it isn’t the first or the last of its kind. Over the past few decades, cities all over the world have converted closed landfills into parks. With planning and innovative engineering, these projects have increased the amount of open green space in urban areas, improving the environment and increasing the quality of life for residents.


Twin Parks: The Landfill-to-park Landscape as a Canvas

The 99 Red Balloons Project was the 4th place mention for the 2012 Land Art Generator Initiative at Freshkills Park

On January 16, 2014, Freshkills Park Alliance signed a twin park agreement with Ariel Sharon Park (built on the former Hiriya landfill) in Tel Aviv. This agreement recognizes the similar challenges and opportunities that the two transformative projects face as urban landfill-to-park conversions.


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