Welcome to Virtual Discovery Week!

Welcome to Discovery Week!

There are so many different ways to Discover Freshkills Park and this week we hope you will find out about some that are new for you.  By way of a quick introduction, we have posted a series of three videos that provide a snapshot of what Freshkills Park is and what it is becoming as it continues to develop.  The videos include a general introduction, including scenes from past Discovery Days, a look at the Science and Research program that includes behind-the-scenes footage of wildlife, and a look at the engineering that goes into the landfill capping that makes this park possible.  The video was shot by professional photographer/videographer Michael McWeeney, a longtime visitor of the park and contributor to our Capturing Change series, and was supported by the Freshkills Park Alliance.

We hope these videos set the stage for your experience during Discovery Week.  Be sure to stay in touch on our website www.freshkillspark.org , and join our mailing list.  These videos will continue to live on our website along with a growing library of video and virtual experiences that we create to continually share and connect us all with the growing transformation of Freshkills Park!

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