Thanks to Our 2017 Interns and Staff!

2017 Interns and Seasonal Staff

Clockwise from left: Maria Huiza, Terrance Caviness, Catherine Montalvo, Maksym Cohen, Charlie O’Brien, Jessa Orluk

This year the Freshkills Park office had a wonderful group of interns and seasonal staff. As the summer comes to a end, we’d like to express our gratitude for the talented individuals who contributed their ideas, passions, and hard work to the project.

Maria Huiza, Arts + Culture Program Intern
Maria assisted with imagining what kind of cultural programs and initiatives are best suited to enhance the park’s assets and benefit the local community of Staten Island.

Terrance Caviness, Programming Associate
Terrance worked on research projects, including a comparative grassland study between the characteristics of the grasslands on two of Freshkills Park’s mounds.

Catherine Montalvo, Programming Associate
Catherine led programs that invited the public to explore and learn about the park through kayaking, photography, and educational activities.

Maksym Cohen, Water Quality Intern
Maksyn conducted research on the park’s streams and creeks to assess the ecological quality of the waterways.

Charlie O’Brien, Communications Intern
Charlie assisted with creating engaging and informative content for the website and social media.

Jessa Orluk, Programming Associate
Jessa developed lesson plans and long term strategies for engaging middle and high school students with the mobile education lab.

To learn more about staff and intern projects, follow the Freshkills Park Faces series.


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