CreateNYC Develops Cultural Plan for All New Yorkers

A map of Staten Island at a CreateNYC workshop.

In June 2015, Mayor Bill de Blasio signed legislation requiring the City to produce its first-ever comprehensive cultural plan for all New Yorkers. Now the NYC Department of Cultural Affairs and Hester Street Collaborative are working together to collect information to inform the cultural plan, called CreateNYC.

The CreateNYC Plan aims to take a broad look at the range of cultural activities in New York City, from the grassroots community organizations to the major institutions, and make recommendations to unify and strengthen initiatives, maintain diversity, and improve access to the arts for all New Yorkers. Staten Island has a strong sense of cultural identity that is uniquely its own. There exists already a supportive community that could be expanded once incorporated into a citywide plan. Many cultural organizations are hoping that CreateNYC will make more funding available to underserved or overlooked arts programming. City cultural plans make recommendations and set forth a roadmap for the future, and Freshkills Park is part of Staten Island’s future, opening in phases as a new cultural resource with a direct benefit for local residents.

After months of research and assessment, the team is currently offering a variety of opportunities for public input to develop a clear picture of what New Yorkers from all neighborhoods and walks of life value and prioritize when it comes to art and culture. A draft plan will be shared for public review and comment in the spring of 2017, and the final CreateNYC plan will be released in the summer of 2017. Until then, New Yorkers are encouraged to attend events and submit input online at

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