At Sneak Peak: Expert-led walking tours

One of the things we’ve learned over the course of this park project is that the Freshkills Park site has been a part of many, many people’s careers: Sanitation workers, engineers, equipment manufacturers, scientists, policymakers, designers, artists, philanthropists—we are constantly astonished to discover a new realm of expertise on this site with which we’re so familiar.  And those people’s viewpoints are always rich with new information.

We’ll be sharing a small fraction of those viewpoints on Sunday at Sneak Peak through a series of guided walking tours that will be led by various players in the story of the Fresh Kills Landfill and the development of Freshkills Park.  These tours will offer a chance to hear the insights of people who have learned to read and interpret the site’s unusual landscape in a particular way as part of their professional practice.  The tours will scale the scenic North Mound and last about 45 minutes each.  On-site, day-of registration is required for all tours.  More information on each of these tours is available on the event’s web site.

11:15 a.m. | PARK PLANNING

with Angelyn Chandler, Capital Program Manager
& Carrie Grassi, Land Use and Outreach Manager
Freshkills Park, NYC Dept. of Parks & Recreation


with Ellen Neises, Associate Principal
James Corner Field Operations


with Ted Nabavi, Director of Waste Management Engineering
NYC Department of Sanitation

2:15pm | ECOLOGY

with Terry Doss, Senior Ecologist
Biohabitats, Inc.


with Robin Nagle, Anthropologist-in-Residence
NYC Department of Sanitation

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