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A Look Back at Fall 2016 Field Trips

Field Trip

Written by Jessa Orluk, Freshkills Park Programming Associate. 

One Wednesday morning this past October, I led a group of ten students down a path next to Freshkills Park’s Main Creek. I talked as we meandered. The walk was meant to orient students to the park’s ecosystem before we returned to the kayak launch.


New Freshkills Park Mobile Education Lab Makes its Debut

Mobile Lab

The exterior has been wrapped in vinyl. Microscopes and lab equipment have been safely stowed away. The disco ball has been installed.

This October, Freshkills Park’s Mobile Education Lab will host field trips for middle and high school students from across New York City for the first time ever.


Learn with Freshkills Park’s Mobile Education Lab

Mobile Lab

This summer, NYC Parks staff have been working hard to re-imagine education programs at Freshkills Park. The landfill-to-park transformation is a poignant backdrop for education—each day, we witness how ecology, engineering, design, history and social sciences interact to solve 21st century challenges.


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