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Bird Banding Returns to Freshkills Park

Common Yellowthroat - José R. Ramírez

Researchers from the College of Staten Island are operating a bird banding station at Freshkills Park for the second consecutive summer. The project is led by Dr. Lisa Manne and Dr. Dick Veit. In 2016, they banded over 20 species of birds, including orchard orioles, hairy woodpeckers, and yellow warblers.


Confluence: Artists on Water and Change (VIDEO)


In October, 2016, to launch the Field R/D public art initiative, co-curators Mariel Villeré and Dylan Gauthier organized a public boat tour of Confluence, the meeting of two historic rivers at the center of the future Freshkills Park. They invited artists working in the public realm to narrate the trip. 


NYC Parks is Mapping Raptor Nests in Freshkills Park and Beyond

Mapping Raptor Nests in Freshkills Park

In 2016, NYC Parks created a Wildlife Unit in response to the city’s rising wildlife population and the challenges they present—more than 600 native wildlife species currently call our city home. The unit serves as an informed resource for citizens and policymakers, and aims to create a future where urban animals are an understood and appreciated part of the city.


NEST Sculpture Brought Freshkills Park to Staten Island Ferry Terminal

NEST - Kirk Finkel

After 11 months at the Staten Island Ferry Terminal, NEST was de-installed on August 9th. A collaborative collection of habitats found in Freshkills Park, Kirk Finkel’s NEST represents an intersection between the diverse bird population of Staten Island and the dynamic urban environment that surrounds it.


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