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Discovery Day 2019 Recap

With temperatures climbing into the 80s this weekend, over one thousand visitors flocked to Freshkills Park for a warm edition of Discovery Day, a chance to experience the world’s largest landfill-to-park project as it continues to undergo development. Though the park is normally closed, events such as Discovery Day give visitors a chance to see what this former waste dump now has to offer in the way of passive and active recreation, wildlife habitat, and innovative engineering.


Discovery Day September 15th Schedule

Freshkills Park will offer a Discovery Day on Sunday, September 15. This free event is a chance to explore normally closed areas of the park and experience the landscape and views the landfill-to-park project has to offer. Hundreds of acres and and miles of trails will be open for a day of bicycling, tours, and activities for all ages.


New Videos Introduce Visitors to Freshkills Park


Are you new to Freshkills Park and want to learn a little bit more about the exciting changes occurring at what was once the world’s largest landfill? Freshkills Park is excited to announce the release of new videos that introduce newcomers to the park in three themes: “Welcome”, “Freshkills Park Science and Research Program”, and “Landfill Infrastructure at Freshkills Park”.


Fastnet Offers Drawing Workshops Inside a Shipping Container


This year, artists are leading drawing workshops inside a shipping container at Freshkills Park. Fastnet was purchased by artist James Powers in 2015. Since then, it has been used as a gallery, sauna, and gathering space. At Freshkills Park, Fastnet is fitted with drawing horses for free observational drawing workshops, available for the general public!


Family-Friendly Nature Walks

Family Nature Walk

This spring, families can lace up their shoes and join staff for nature walks at Freshkills Park! These walks will take participants behind the scenes to visit areas that are currently closed to the public. On these one-mile walks, visitors will observe and learn about the plants and wildlife found in the woods, wetlands, and grasslands.


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