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From Scream to Clean Energy

Just under 200 years ago, the modern world began the transition from steam power to electrical power.  In 1831, the discovery of an electric current in a wire ignited the second industrial revolution.  While people were initially hesitant to experiment with electricity,  integrating this new form of power into their lives led to more reliable energy, basic lighting and long-distance communication. 


Farther Afield: Green Waves on the Streets

Street lighting adds urban character and keeps our streets safe. However, the environmental and economic impacts are remarkable and cost some cities millions of dollars per year to keep street lights on. To avoid drastically restructuring a municipality’s energy-producing infrastructure, innovative designs are under development across the globe to illuminate roadways and walkways, and achieve more efficient traffic flow.


Farther Afield: Managing Manila’s Waste

At more than 20 million people, metro Manila is the one of the densest places on earth with an average of 37,000 people per square mile. Quezon City sits within this sprawling megalopolis and is home to the Payatas Landfill, one of 13 sites that take in the area’s 11,000 tons of waste per day.


The First Solar Carport in New York City Comes to Staten Island

Solar power is a growing energy source on Staten Island.  Freshkills Park, already an alternative energy source from the methane harvested at the site, will be using solar power for many of its structures in the future.  But the future is here at an office building on Edward Curry Avenue in Bloomfield in the form of solar panels that provide shade for your parked car. 


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