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Leading the Charge for a Sustainable Tomorrow

Batteries work on positive and negatives, much like our daily lives work on batteries.  Today is National Battery Day, and while the origins are not definitively known, February 18th commemorates the birth of Alessandro Volta, the “father” of the battery. 


Finding Away: Waste Education at Freshkills Park

Waste Education

Written by Jessa Orluk, Freshkills Park Programming Associate.

One hot day this past October, a student told me, “Well, our waste has to go somewhere. It’s selfish, but we don’t want it here. It’s not our problem.”

He was one of 16 high school students on a field trip to Freshkills Park.


Farther Afield: Gazing Globes at Madison Square Park

Madison Square Park

If you haven’t yet visited Paula Hayes’ Gazing Globes at Madison Square Park, I highly recommend a trip to 25th street around dusk before the exhibition closes on April 19th. Hayes’ first public art exhibition in NYC comes alive as the sun starts to set over the city.


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