This year’s Sneak Peak features 1500% more art


At last year’s Sneak Peak we were lucky enough to get Mierle Laderman Ukeles‘ iconic mirrored garbage truck, ‘The Social Mirror’ to feature prominently as a preview of public art to come in the future park.  This year, we’re able to deliver a little bit more of that future with a total of 15 art installations throughout the event site, curated with the assistance of the Council on the Arts and Humanities for Staten Island (COAHSI).  ‘The Social Mirror’ will return, along with installations and performances by Linda Byrne, Maggie Dubris, Chasing Sanitation, Lisa Dahl, Phyllis Forman, Mimi Aloia, El Superior, Joyce Goldstein, DB Lampman, Max Liboiron, Rachel Miller, Jay Weichun and the interdisciplinary team behind last summer’s on-site dance performance PARK (who will be gearing up for a November 5th performance at the site this year).  The public will also be invited to collaborate in the construction of a massive sculpture composed of materials rescued from the waste stream, guided by teaching artists from Materials for the Arts.

There is tremendous potential for all kinds of public artworks to unfold and be sited throughout the completed park.  We’re excited to offer a glimpse into that potential this Sunday.

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