Sneak Peak Year Two verdict: still awesome

photo by Kristine Paulus via flickr

About 2,000 people joined us for the second annual Sneak Peak at Freshkills Park on Sunday, soaking up the incredible fall weather and taking part in the many, many activities we had to offer: making and flying kites, kayaking in the creeks (our registration records show 317 kayakers over the course of the day), walking the site with an expert, riding ponies, petting goats, making bags and birdhouses, learning about recycling and energy efficiency, enjoying the fun music, cool crafts and tasty food and generally celebrating the potential of this fascinating and amazing site.

Some visitors had been to the site before, but many had not. Visitors were old and young, from Staten Island and from other boroughs, and they wandered through the site on foot, on bike and even on roller blades. We loved to see what a great time visitors were having, and were greatly encouraged by everyone’s amazement at the beauty of the future park.  We are very, very grateful to everyone who helped us make this event a success, including all of the many vendors, exhibitors, artists, volunteers, tour guides and Parks and Sanitation staff.

We’ve uploaded our own photos to flickr, but these definitely don’t get at everything there was to see. There were so many people with cameras, and we’d love to see – and to share – those photos! Please share them with us, either by e-mail or by adding your photos to our flickr group pool.

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