Virtual Run Around South Mound

Explore the native grasslands, restored wetlands, and natural woodlands of South Mound at Freshkills Park like never before.  This video leads you through a 2.5 mile loop through the back hills of South Mound, virtually on foot! 

Before there was the Draft Master plan in 2001, South Mound was the first of 4 mounds capped in 1996.  Less than 25 years later, the mound is now home to the greatest range of biodiversity at Freshkills Park.  The woodlands make South Mound an ideal location for bird watching tours and annual bird banding.  In addition, it is also home to groundhogs and red foxes.   

Please enjoy this video for leisure or for use while practicing social distancing on your treadmill, stationary bike, or stair workout machine.   

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