Nestle CEO proposes alternative to state bottle bills

GreenBiz runs an opinion piece by Kim Jeffery, President and CEO of Nestle Waters North America, proposing that the US move beyond traditional “bottle bills” (which he argues are limited in scope) by redirecting responsibility for organized public recycling to private industry.  He envisions a shift to Extended Producer Responsibility, through which manufacturers integrate environmental costs over the life cycle of products into their market prices.  By charging a nominal consumer fee on every packaged good purchased, an industry-led group would be funded to develop new public and commercial recycling facilities, improved municipal curbside recycling programs and public education programs.  Jeffery cites precedent from the “hybrid recycling model” currently in place in Manitoba.  He claims that the implementation of such a program could help the US move from a 37% recycling rate to a 60% rate for PET (Polyethylene terephthalate) containers by 2018.

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