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The Freshkills Park Water Monitoring Program is a project designed to allow participants to gain direct experience conducting real scientific research by monitoring the water quality within Freshkills Park, former site of the Fresh Kills landfill.

The New York City Department of Sanitation conducts surface water monitoring to confirm that landfill byproducts are not affecting the creeks. The goal of the project will be to collect water quality data to provide insight into wildlife changes at the site.

Participants measure for a variety of water properties, after having learned in detail about water quality, environmental conservation, and the scientific method. Their findings will then be put to use in ongoing efforts to maintain and support the safety and ecological diversity of the Staten Island watershed.

Students and volunteers will take home:

  • A greater understanding of the factors that impact water quality and pollution
  • A knowledge of what they can do to keep our waterways healthy

The curriculum package for 6th-12th grade classes:

  • Includes pre- and post-visit lessons and activities
  • Covers science, social studies, and ELA
  • Is aligned with Common Core Standards and Next Generation Science Standards
  • Is adaptable for grades 6–12

Interested individuals of all ages are also encouraged to apply. For more information, contact: jessa.orluk@parks.nyc.gov.

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