Windows into Freshkills Park

  • Slanted Studios x MTN GODS
  • Slanted Studios x MTN GODS
  • Slanted Studios x MTN GODS

Brooklyn-based Slanted Studios x MTN GODS are creating a series of interactive vignettes to inform the public about the fundamentals of the Freshkills Park project and leave them excited to visit and follow along as the park is built. The project tells the story of the site through the lenses of environmental history, transformative technologies, wildlife and its evolving future as a massive park.

The vignettes will include bold colors and shapes in different representational forms and depths, such as compartments, platforms, models, dioramas, and digital screens. Visitors using their mobile phones will be able to activate dynamic paper cuts with motors and lights, and an interactive voice response system made up of several audio files will provide visitors with a deeper level of information about the park.

The pop-up is meant to inspire viewers with the landscape design of Freshkills Park to learn more about urban ecology in New York City’s built environment. The goal is to display the project in a prominent NYC location with tens of thousands of viewers daily, with potential for simultaneous display and/or travel.

A Window Into Freshkills Park: Tech Transformations from Slanted Studios on Vimeo.

Slanted Studios x MTN GODS were selected to design the installation through a juried process. They are a multidisciplinary team of designers, coders, illustrators and animators with expertise in creating a wide range of commercial projects and public art installations. The team consists of Creative Directors Michelle Higa Fox and Philip Sierzega, Technical Director Charlie Whitney, Content Developer Stuart Higa Fox, and Producer Jennifer Vance.

This project is supported in part by funding from the Staten Island Foundation and an award from the National Endowment for the Arts.

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