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Fresh Kills Landfill Closed in 2001, but Large Landfills Still Loom

Fresh Kills Landfill

Before closing almost two decades ago, Fresh Kills Landfill was known as the largest landfill in the world. During peak operations in the 1980s, Fresh Kills received as much as 29,000 tons of trash per day. By 1991 it was the last remaining landfill in New York City, accepting household trash from all five boroughs.


Which Way for Waste? A Journey to Waste-Free NYC


A small Bodega coffee, a bagel with scallion cream cheese, and a leftover pizza slice. This may sound like the delicious lunch of a New Yorker, but we often forget that our everyday treasures are lined with what we consider trash.


Zero Waste Design Guidelines Help NYC Send Less Waste to Landfills

Zero Waste Design

As part of Archtober, new Zero Waste Design Guidelines were launched at the Center for Architecture on October 18. The Guidelines are an initiative of the Center for Architecture, in collaboration with the AIA New York Committee on the Environment, Kiss + Cathcart Architects, ClosedLoops, and the Foodprint Group.


NYC zerowaste: Donate Clothing with re-fashioNYC


This material originally appeared in NYC zerowaste’s January 2016 newsletter. Freshkills Park proudly supports DSNY and NYC zerowaste in helping New York City send zero waste to landfills by 2030. 


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