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Read “Reorientation,” the Urban Wild Writer Essay

Urban Wild Essay

This summer, the inaugural Urban Omnibus writer in residence, Dani Alexander, had the opportunity to roam the future Freshkills Park’s four mounds. By foot and by car, under beating sun and pouring rain, Alexander explored the urban wilds of Staten Island, where highways meet gas wells, herons, and kayakers.


Urban Omnibus Exhibition Features “Capturing Change” Photographs

Capturing Change - Sean Sweeney

This month, the Architectural League and Urban Omnibus will open Capturing Change: Freshkills Park, an exhibition of photographs documenting the evolution of the world’s largest landfill-to-park project. Produced by photographers participating in tours led by Freshkills Park staff, the images depict the transformation of the site from a 2,200-acre landfill into a unique urban ecosystem of carefully engineered rolling hills.


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