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iNaturalist Scavenger Hunt – Trees of the New Springville Greenway

Lace up your shoes, download the free (and easy to use) iNaturalist app and head to the New Springville Greenway for a scavenger hunt.  Along the path you’ll encounter a variety of trees, some native to the region and some less welcome pushy volunteers. 


From Behind the Mounds: TreesCount!, the decennial street tree census


Here at Freshkills Park, we’re fans of trees. I mean, we’re a park, how could we not be? This year, the NYC Parks Department is conducting its decennial street tree census, TreesCount, and we’re teaming up to count a bunch of street trees outside of the park.


From Behind the Mounds: North Park Million Tree Plot


Million Trees NYC has recently seeded a four acre portion of North Park to provide vegetative support for the trees that will be planted in the spring. This newest joint project will plant 8,000 trees and restored over four acres with native plants.


From Behind the Mounds: Visitors from Addis Ababa

Last week, the Freshkills Park Team had the pleasure of meeting with a group of city officials and their consultants from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Addis Ababa’s Repi Solid Waste Disposal Site, a 40 year old open dump, has recently been closed and the City has installed a methane capture and flaring system.


From Behind the Mounds: Progress on the New Springville Greenway

Landscape Architect Andrew Deer captured the autumnal foliage beautifully on a recent site visit to the New Springville Greenway, currently under construction. In his words, this bucolic setting transports one to a place far beyond a dozen feet from the busy Richmond Avenue once it opens for use by pedestrians and cyclists.


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