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It’s Fledgling Season for the Osprey at Freshkills Park


  • Osprey populations have rebounded since the 1970s when DDT and other agricultural pesticides were attributed to nest failure 
  • Ospreys build large nests, and pairs of Osprey will return to the same nests year after year
  • At Freshkills Park we had seven successful nests in 2021, with 13 young about to fledge as of July 29th!

Watch: Osprey Nest Over Main Creek

Every year, Osprey (Pandion halibuts) make their summer homes at Freshkills Park, where they build nests on high structures above the Park’s creeks. They hunt for fish in the waterways and raise their young. Since 2018, parks researchers have been monitoring the breeding success of the Osprey at Freshkills Park.


Osprey Monitoring at Freshkills Park


Each Spring many migrant birds can be seen at Freshkills Park, either returning to spend the warmer months with us, or traveling through to locations further north. One of these returning species is the Osprey (Pandion halibuts). Although a common species today that is growing in numbers, Ospreys faced dramatic population declines in the 1950s and 60s due to the usage of the pesticide DDT.


Love Animals? Observe With an Ethogram

Have you ever wondered why animals act a certain way? At Freshkills Park, researchers use ethograms to learn more about animals like osprey. In this week’s STEAM @ Home challenge, learn more about your pet, neighborhood birds, or even a mosquito through observing and recording their behavior with an ethogram.


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