Check out the Freshkills Park: Field R/D virtual exhibit, re:Generation.

We are excited to launch Re:generation, an online exhibition and archive that caps a multi-year artistic research project, residency and exhibition program on the site of New York City’s largest reclaimed landfill—Freshkills Park. This exhibition is the second in a series of exhibitions generated by the Freshkills Field R/D program, which was created in 2017, while Mariel Villeré was Manager for Programs, Arts and Grants at Freshkills Park.

Explore “re:Generation” at

+ Topographic Platform (2018) – Markley Boyer
+ Four proposals (2018) – Dufala Brothers
+ AWAYISAPLACE (2021) – sTo Len
+ Pin Slime Caeser Shift: Gold Loop (2020-21) – Jen Liu
+ Four spheres (2018) – Mary Mattingly
+ Geographies of Waste, Geographies of Time (2018) – Lize Mogel
+ Field Work – Nancy Nowacek
+ 480 MA: Lago de Texcoco, Memphis, Fresh Kills (2020) – Antonio Serna
+ Wastestreaming (2018) – Joe Riley & Audrey Snyder
+ Sea & Land Use Research Platform (SLURP) (2018) – Marie Liberum
+ Field R/D Documentation (2017, 2018, 2019) – Natalie Conn


Learn more about the Field R/D project here.

This project is made possible with support from the Shelley & Donald Rubin Foundation Art and Social Justice Grant Program.

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