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Creative and innovative programming is the public’s primary means of access to Freshkills Park as its development and build out continues. Support for these programs comes from several sources, including an annual budget from the NYC Parks Department, but the Freshkills Park Alliance (the not for profit partner of Freshkills Park) currently provides most of the Park’s annual budget for program-related expenses.

The Freshkills Park Alliance supports the development of the Park, the growth of on-site research and education about ecological restoration and the staged expansion of tours, arts, recreation and events at the 2,200 acre site. Thousands of people have visited the park this year during programs and events.  They were able to ride bikes around vast meadows, kayak along winding creeks, photograph a changing landscape, and see wildlife rarely observed in New York City. These experiences were made possible by the Alliance’s financial and technical support.

The Alliance needs your support to continue its work. Please donate to the Alliance today and help ensure that creative and innovative programs will continue.

Click here to make a donation to support programs at the park.

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