On the Wind Turbine Syndrome debate

Over the past several years, a debate has played out among scientists about potential health impacts of wind turbines on the people who live near them.  Some neighbors of wind farms have claimed that low-frequency sounds produced by the rotor blades of the turbines are causing them to become physically ill—a condition being called “Wind Turbine Syndrome.”  Some of the common symptoms attributed are nausea, dizziness, sleep loss and memory loss.  Some studies have found the claim to have merit; some have refuted it; still others have found that direct economic benefit from turbine operation correlates with less reported illness or annoyance.

There are also concerns about animal mortality due to turbine activity.  Nothing conclusive yet, and no uniform technology on which to base a judgment; it’s possible that variations in design could correct for potential negative impacts.  Regardless, we’re following this thread with interest; any potential large-scale renewable energy installation at the Freshkills Park site will require an analysis of environmental impact, including human and animal health impact, before construction can be green-lighted.

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