Low level landfill methane capture now possible

The U.S. Army plans to install a new landfill gas-to-electricity facility at its base in Fort Benning, Georgia.  Capturing landfill gas to generate electrical power is a fairly well-established practice at this point, but what will distinguish the Flex Powerstation is its ability to oxidize gases with levels of methane as low as 1.5%.  According to FlexEnergy, the company that produces the technology, the Flex Powerstation will be able to run “directly on low pressure, low flow, and low BTU fuel gas.”  This means that the technology could turn out to be useful on older landfill sites whose landfill gas outputs have diminished to low levels and where landfill gas is otherwise simply vented or flared.  The modular technology of the Powerstation also allows it to be installed easily on other sites.  The total capacity for the installation at Fort Benning will be 250 kW.

(via CleanTechnica)

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