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In 2018, Freshkills Park researchers conducted a study to learn more about grassland bird nesting preferences. Currently, a significantly greater number of grassland birds are nesting in an area known as East Mound than in the other areas. One species of special concern, the grasshopper sparrow, has been found nesting exclusively in East Mound. The study recorded background noise levels over week-long periods in several areas of the park with the purpose of finding out if noise levels impacted the birds’ nesting preferences.

Results showed that noise levels on East Mound are higher, but the magnitude of the difference is small. Therefore, it’s unlikely that these ambient noise levels are a big factor for birds nesting at Freshkills Park. Grassland comparison studies continue and will play an important role in the future development and planning of Freshkills Park. The park is now one of the largest native grassland habitats in New York, and the studies provide valuable knowledge on how to maximize the value of the site for wildlife now, during, and post park development.

These recordings are being released as part of Virtual Discovery Day 2020 to help bring the park to you. Enjoy the calming sounds of nature.

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