East River Ferry Service in full swing

The new year-round East River Ferry Service, provided by NY Waterway, offers passage between 11 stops in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens and Governor’s Island along the East River.  The scenic commuter service, now only a few weeks old, hatched from a City initiative to create more viable, private mass transit alternatives for the City’s growing waterfront populations, especially those underserved by bus and subway capacity.

Boats arrive at each stop every 20 minutes during peak hours. The ferry is a double-decker catamaran that can transport 149 passengers and features on-boat bike racks (though bike-on-boat riders pay a surcharge). After an initial period during which the fare was waived, regular prices have now been set at $4 per one way trip or $12 for all-day access. There is a free-connecting midtown shuttle bus to transport passengers to and from the center of midtown to the East River.

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