Mothing With Artist Ash Ferlito

Moth Painting is a time-based painting-photography hybrid that serves as a visual record of the moth and insect population of Freshkills Park. Artist Ash Ferlito suspended a large sheet from a plastic framework and then shined UV light on the material to attract insects on the panel to document them. Each of the visiting moths is identified in collaboration with a naturalist and uploaded to the iNaturalist database to provide valuable information to create a portrait of biodiversity at Freshkills Park.

This cyanotype poster, available for viewing and download below, was created by Ash Ferlito from the moths recorded at Freshkills Park. Check out the video to see and hear a bit about Ash’s mothing projects and then download her cyanotype poster!

Ash Ferlito’s Mothing Poster – Front – Click image for PDF

Ash Ferlito Mothing Poster – Back – Click image for PDF








This project was made possible with support from the Freshkills Park Alliance, ConEdison, NYC Parks, and approval from NYC Sanitation.

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