Roads System – In Planning

Proposed roads through Freshkills Park

Proposed roads through Freshkills Park

A publicly accessible road system will be a major feature of Freshkills Park. Roads will provide access to the different areas of the park and create a connection between the West Shore Expressway (Route 440) and Richmond Avenue to open the park, provide site access, and address transportation needs of the community.

Transportation consultants have examined technical feasibility of routing options through the site, with design variables that include differential settlement of the landfill mounds, weight constraints on sensitive infrastructure and the viability of flexible pavement. Regardless of the final alignment and design of the roads, the Parks Department is committed to building roads that meet Federal AASHTO (American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials) safety standards, accommodate present and future traffic needs, and complement the park landscape.

Public Meeting Roads Presentation–February 7, 2008 [PDF]

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