Interactive Site Map

As Freshkills Park undergoes its long transformation from landfill to public greenspace, access remains limited and it can be challenging to convey to the public all of the things going on inside of the park’s boundaries. The Freshkills Park Development team has created an interactive map to serve as a virtual tour of the park project. The map includes information, photos, and video related to the history of the site, its landfill-to-park transformation, park design, recreation opportunities, scientific research, artistic projects, and the site’s ecology. We hope this new tool will allow the public to explore some of the historic and ongoing projects at Freshkills Park. For opportunities to visit during this transformation and see some of these projects in person, check out our calendar at

Using the map:

  • Clicking on the map enables you to zoom in and out by scrolling up and down
  • The black line represents the Freshkills Park boundary.
  • Click on a point to learn about what’s happening in the park at that location.
  • Some pins have multiple pictures or videos included. When the pop-up screen appears, scroll to the bottom and click on the photo to view a library of photos or videos.
  • Pins are color-coded and organized into categories. Click on the symbol in the top left corner to view these categories.
  • To view a full screen version of the map in a separate window, click on the  symbol in the top right corner.

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