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Landshaftspark Duisburg-Nord

This awesome 200-hectare public park in Duisburg Nord, Germany was transformed from a coal-fired steel production plant into a giant industrial playground. Latz + Partner’s design emphasized the value of memory: the goal was to create a space former mill workers could explore with their grandchildren and still be able to identify the form and function of the old machinery. 


George Trakas on Urban Omnibus

Urban Omnibus has posted a terrific project portrait and interview video with artist George Trakas about his Newtown Creek Nature Walk in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.  As a Percent for Art artist, Trakas piggybacked on the Department of Environmental Protection‘s $3 billion upgrade of the wastewater treatment facility to create a handsomely designed waterfront park/plaza where employees and locals can relax. 


São Paulo’s new eco-park

From Brazil comes this gorgeous new “eco-park” built on a brownfield–formerly the 130,000-square-foot site of a garbage incinerator.  Davis Brody Bond Architects and Levisky Arquitetos Associados have transformed it into a multi-functional park that celebrates the site’s industrial, cultural and natural heritage. 


From footprint to blueprint

In the early 1980s, Cairo was experiencing the developmental crunch of growing population and limited civic resources.  A 1984 study found the green space per capita in Cairo to be roughly equivalent to a human footprint.  In the mid ’90s, the Aga Khan Trust for Culture began construction on Al-Azhar Park on the derelict Darassa site, a 500-year-old, 74-acre mound of rubble located in the heart of the city.


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