Temporary Installations at Sneak ‘Peak’ 2014

UnCommon Pages, Susan Mills
Visitors were invited to learn how to bookbind with artist Susan Mills and make their own Freshkills Park Field Notebook. This workshop uses one-of-a-kind paper made by Susan from Phragmites, the common reed, harvested from Freshkills Park in July.

MOBRO Challenge, Ben Kauffman
MOBRO Challenge constitutes the culmination of a recent project, There Is No Place Called Away, which re-contextualizes the practice of landfilling by scaling it to the artist’s body and personal space. TINPCA began by keeping all personal garbage for a month, with the goal of designing a “personal landfill.” MOBRO Challenge, which draws inspiration from the infamous MOBRO garbage barge, was a final attempt to both contend with the artist’s own “wicked” problem, and bridge the perceived distance between his “here” and the “away” of the landfill.

Social Mirror (1983), Mierle Laderman Ukeles,
Social Mirror, by the artist-in-residence for the NYC Department of Sanitation, is a 12-ton, 28-foot long DSNY collection truck reconfigured with glass panels.  This unique work of art was a highlight of the inaugural New York City Art Parade in 1983, and is a permanent, mobile public-art work that the Department proudly uses in parades and various special events.

Chasing Sanitation, Liz Ligon and Lisa Dowda
From 2008-2011, writer Lisa Dowda and photographer Liz Ligon photographed and interviewed street crews all over New York. What emerged were the lush portraits of personal grit, brawn and gentle humor of New York’s Strongest in a successful public exhibition and website. The artists presented a selection of photographs at Sneak ‘Peak’ that tell the stories of the people that comprise the Department of Sanitation.

Welcome to Freshkills Park, Magie Serpica and Kevin Mahoney
This mural was organized by Staten Island Arts.

Daft Junk, Various Artists
Daft Junk is a group of solar-powered trash robots laying down beats in New York City parks from Manhattan to Staten Island. They showcase the possibilities of incorporating sustainable power and reused materials in new, imaginative ways. Daft Junk is presented by Amelia Winger-Bearskin, Michael Ricca, Aankit Patel, and Staten Island MakerSpace.

Rodi Gallery, Aaron Graham and Christian Hincapie
Rodi is a mobile gallery founded in 2013 by artists Elise Graham and Aaron Graham in a retrofitted step van truck. All photographs courtesy of Rodi Gallery.

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