Environmental Expression

Capturing Change

Photo: Kathryn Carse

Environmental Expression is a project that highlights local artists and explores the influence of the natural and built environments of Staten Island on their creative practices. How is creative expression influenced by the natural world and human development? How can we embody the spirit of transformation in our collective work now and in the future? And how can Freshkills Park continue to build with creatives as we move towards our North Park public opening? 

This first incarnation of Environmental Expression will make a virtual space for poets from across the island to contemplate these questions and share their craft. Poets include Staten Island Poet Laureate Dr. Marguerite Maria Rivas, Jacob Moses, Kofi Antwi, and Jenny Pisani.

Through virtual and in-person programming, artists and advocates from communities all over the Island will explore the environments of their home and what the reclamation of the Fresh Kills Landfill into Freshkills Park means to them.

Check back for updates throughout 2021!

Staten Island Poet Laureate Dr. Marguerite Maria Rivas

Staten Island Poet Laureate Dr. Marguerite Maria Rivas speaks to her experience growing up on Staten Island in the 60s and 70s, her poetic inspiration from the union of natural and built environments, and her vision for Freshkills Park. Watch to the end to hear her poem “Workday Sonnet”.

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