Freshkills Park Poster Pamphlet

Freshkills Park teamed up with the design studio Partner & Partners to create What is Freshkills?, a fold-out poster pamphlet that illustrates the history, engineering, and ecology of the unique 2,200-acre park in an accessible and easily distributed format.

As an educational resource, the What is Freshkills? poster pamphlet aims to increase awareness of the Freshkills Park project in classrooms, families, volunteers, and park collaborators. Through bright illustrations and typography, the pamphlet provides an overview of some of the many topics surrounding the park, including landfill engineering, waste management, wildlife, native plants, and grassland and wetland ecosystems, and folds out to a 22”x32” poster to express the future park.

Designers at Partner & Partners worked closely with NYC Parks to break down complex information into engaging and friendly, yet didactic illustrations and text, which were then reviewed with landfill engineers, waste management and communication professionals at NYC Sanitation. The publication is intended for a general audience interested in city systems, public space, and environmental stewardship in the ever-shifting human-nature relationship, and has a built-in audience of NYC students.

NYC Parks is distributing copies of the poster pamphlet to schools all over New York City so teachers can integrate lessons from the park into their curriculum. The pamphlet is also available as a PDF here.

Support for this publication was provided by National Grid and Furthermore: a program of the J. M. Kaplan Fund.

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