Urban Bikeway Design Guide released

From a section of NACTO's Design Guide about Bufferred Bike Lanes.

The National Association of City Transportation Officials (NACTO) has released its Urban Bikeway Design guide, a very thorough and valuable desk reference for planners, engineers and bicycle advocates considering improvements to urban bicycle infrastructure.  The guide, which comes in PDF and web-based versions, draws from extensive literature search, case studies and real-life experiences, with input from a host of traffic engineers, urban planners and academics with expertise in this arena.

The intent of the Guide is to offer substantive guidance for cities seeking to improve bicycle transportation in places where competing demands for the use of the right of way present unique challenges.  Each of the treatments addressed in the Guide offers three levels of guidance:

  • Required: elements for which there is a strong consensus that the treatment cannot be implemented without.
  • Recommended: elements for which there is a strong consensus of added value.
  • Optional: elements that vary across cities and may add value depending on the situation.

Chapters are focused on the design of bike lanes integrated with vehicular traffic; separated bikeways; intersections; signaling; signs and marking.  A collection of annotated plans of designs addressing various scenarios is also available.  NACTO plans to update the guide regularly and provides opportunity for professionals to comment and add to the discussion.

(via Treehugger)

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