Restoring wetlands in the Bronx River

The NYC Parks Department has partnered with the US Army Corps of Engineers to restore wetland habitat near the mouth of the Bronx River in Soundview Park.  The project will clear away garbage and debris dumped into the area to allow greater inundation, and then native shrubs and coastal grasses will be planted along the river’s edge.  The intention is to restore habitat through clean-up and planting, which will attract clams and worms and, in turn, draw fish to the area.  The restoration is in design now, and construction is expected to start later this year.

The project is part of the Bronx River Basin Ecosystem Restoration Study, a larger habitat restoration effort undertaken by the NYC Department of Environmental Protection, Westchester County and the Army Corps.  The Corps conducts research and provides technical services and planning guidance to states, Native American tribes and local governments on the management of water-based and related land resources.

(via the New York Daily News)

Almost everyone knows that the US Army Corps of Engineers builds water resource projects.

Not so well known, however, is that the Corps also provides assistance to help states, eligible Native American Indian tribes, and local governments prepare their own plans and initiate their own actions to manage their water and related land resources.”

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