Next Freshkills Park Talk: Monday, November 22nd

After a late summer hiatus, our Freshkills Park Talks lecture series resumes next Monday with a talk by Dr. Steven Handel, Director of the Center for Urban Restoration Ecology (CURE) at Rutgers University.  CURE’s research and practice focuses on ‘ecological services’ provided by patches of native habitat in urban and other degraded areas, and how to ensure the sustainability of those services with relatively low maintenance costs. Dr. Handel will be discussing CURE’s work designing ecological connections between fragmented habitats in large urban areas (parks, landfills, brownfields); its research into seed dispersal and pollination from woodland patches in these areas; and the persistence of particular plant genotypes under urban stresses. He’ll also describe his habitat design work on Brooklyn Bridge Park and California’s Orange County Great Park, meshing restored habitat complexity with civic needs.

Monday, November 22nd, 6:30pm
The Arsenal, 830 Fifth Avenue
Gallery, 3rd floor
FREE | No RSVP necessary

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