Massachusetts landfill to host large solar array

Residents of Canton, Massachusetts have approved plans to install a large solar array on a landfill that was capped and has remained undeveloped since the mid-1980s.  The array will consist of 24,000 3′ x 5′ panels that are expected to generate up to 5.6 MW of power by the time the project reaches completion in 2012.  If all goes to plan, the installation will be the largest solar field in New England.

Beyond making productive use of a former landfill site and satisfying the Massachusetts quota for renewable energy sourcing, the solar array will direct energy and monetary savings back to local residents.  According to the chairman of Canton’s Board of Selectmen, Victor Del Vecchio, the project could generate up to $70 million for the town from a combination of new revenue and energy savings.

(via Inhabitat)

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