How my junk mail turned into this NYC pizza box


A clip from 2008 History Channel program “The Works” features Staten Island’s Pratt Industries, where more than half of New York City’s paper is recycled.  This is a terrific clip that explains the infrastructure required for paper collection and processing as well as spelling out the steps of paper recycling.  Some excellent names for equipment in this process:

  • A Grappler grabs a handful of paper, weighing about 10 tons;
  • The paper is dropped into the Pulper, which douses paper in 30,000 gallons of water, breaking it down into individual fibers;
  • The paper pulp continues to break down in the Dump Chest, filtering out all plastic and metal contaminants;
  • The pulp is poured into Drier Cans:  steel drums, heated to about 350 degrees F, that evaporate all moisture and create sheets of paper about 20 miles long.

(via everydaytrash)

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